Company Introduction
Space Star technology CO., Ltd (Space Star, SSTC) is a leader in the design and manufacture of satellite application products in China, with a strong presence in marketing filed and extensive prime contractor experience in satellite application programs. Its activities completely cover remote sensing satellite application system, satellite communication application system, satellite navigation application system, and satellite integration application system, together with the whole range of satellite application equipment and associated ground infrastructure.
Product & Service
Satellite Communications Application System

In the field of satellite communications, Space Star can provide the state-level Teleport for users around the world, achieving a nationwide television broadcast, VSAT satellite communications, integrated operation, telecommunication network access and exchanges services...

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Satellite Remote Sensing Application System

In the field of satellite remote sensing, with abundant experiences in the design and construction of remote sensing satellite ground application system, Space Star can provide a full-range of solutions of remote sensing satellite data receiving and processing system...

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Satellite Navigation Application System

In the field of satellite navigation, Space Star can provide core products of navigation overlay service and location based service for various users around the world, including chips, navigation terminals and platforms that can support GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Compass system with high accuracy and reliability...

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Integration Application System

With over 30 years successful experience, Space Star has become more seasoned in satellite ground construction and system integration, and been enabled to monitor, test and verify satellites, airships and other spacecraft for deep-space exploration called system design and construction ability...

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